Monday, 14 November 2011


Well, JJ's ole' place of employment has a blog of its own.  Not so much with the funny, but high on the informative.  And I think they got a blog consultant or something (btw...not JJ!) to help them craft these entries.  Which is great. Good idea!

And each entry ends with something like "what do you guys think?"...but nobody ever comments.  Every single time.

Now the people who write these entries? All well adjusted, self-confident folk.  Not insecure self-doubters like JJ.  So it's cool. 

But if JJ ever writes an entry in the work type blog ("Fat chance!  Get over yourself Hemingway!" you are thinking. But please, its just for argument's sake. Come on, work with me here.) you can bet that the last line of that entry is gonna be something like  "I am pretty sure I have fully covered things, so there's probably no point in commenting..." Otherwise, I just wouldn't be able to take that rejection!  I mean, damn!

So, in conclusion, Drake did an album signing today but I was not able to make it, so don't expect a signed CD for X-mas.
                     Yes, that's from Degrassi.  Which I have never watched, so I have no idea what this is about
JJ out!

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