Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Wonders of Technology!

Well, JJ (JJ!)'s employer just moved into a brand spanking new building.  One of the technological wonders of the building is automatic soap dispensers.  Is it really that much of a convenience over pushing a pump?  Or that more sanitary?  Who am I to say?  I'll leave it to the philosophizeologists.  But what I CAN say is that they built the dispensers toooo close to the taps.  One doesn't have to be engineeritician to see that. As you run your hands under the tap, the soap dispenser, well,  dispenses.  Over and over again.  And the soap they use is this white creamy stuff.  Look at this dramatic reenactment video and tell me what it looks like.

Everytime I wash my hands its like I have wandered into a pornogrpahic movie.  At the "climax", so to speak.  If I had to guess at the model name of the dispenser, I would say  its called "The Ejaculator".

In an unrelated story, my hands are all dry and chapped for some reason.  (Get it?  Because I spend all day washing my hands! Is that a gay joke?  It's not supposed to be.  But could be construed that way maybe? He's saying he's gay.  Unless gay is bad, why is it funny?  But the angle is supposed to be more that I love pornography! Swearsies! Ok?  We cool? We're cool, right?)

Neither of my kids can read too well just yet.  Do I keep this post up once they can?  Open question.  But one can't write solely about Tombley Boos and Macapacas for Pete's Sake!

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