Friday, 18 November 2011

The Number of the Beast!

Internet, have you ever seen the movie "The Reader"?  No its not the best movie ever.  I know that.  But there's one part that tends to stick with ole' JJ.  The protaganist goes to visit the woman in prison (If you haven't seen it, internet, the story is about a young boy in England who starts an affair with an older woman who turns out to be a a former death camp worker.  She gets arrested, tried and sent off to jail.  Ooohhhh good synopsis! I should write Disney books!).

So he visits her in prison and he is all "so have you thought about what you you regret it? Do you feel bad about it?" 

And she says "What does it matter?  The dead are still dead."  Shazam!

Going to law school (has JJ mentioned he is a high-powered lawyer!? Easy ladies, JJ's a marred man! I mean married! Or do I  mean both...?) taught me that...intent matters very much in criminal law.  Actus reus - the act.  Mens Rea - the intent.  Without both, no indictable conviction.  (No, not needed for running a stop sign! Just for the real bad stuff!)

Under the rule of law, intent matters.  But what about the bigger picture?  How many things that harm are done without intent, yet still harm.  And is there any redemption in feeling bad about things one has done if feeling bad doesn't in any way repair the harm?  Does going around feeling bad about the shit things you have done make one any different from someone who does shit things and doesn't give a fuck? Aren't the effects the same to those affected by those shit things?

So, in conclusion, you are still not getting a signed Drake CD (are those even still a thing? Not Drake, I know that kid is on fire! But Cd's.  What do people sign otherwise?  A memory stick?) for X-mas. Hanukkah neither.

                                           Degrassi again!  Now he's not in a wheelchair?  And where the heck is Spike?
Plus I still  have a cat living in my house that I see once a week.  But hear at 3 am.

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