Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Costa Rica - JJ in paradise - Part I: Transit!!

O-la mis amigos!

Heading south! Where, you ask?

Costa Rica! Where's that? South! That's all I know! Ok I know a little more than that. But not much!

Exciting! All inclusive! As I write this, I am heading towards my layover. Where's that? San Salvador! It's just like the James Woods/Jim Belushi movie! Except I will just be at the airport. And am not a reporter or whatever those guys were.

I worked with a guy from El Salvador a long time ago at the ole' recycling plant.

He was a very nice guy. We did a few routes together. Because of his Spanish accent the first time I heard him say "it's chilly out" I thought he said "it's shitty out". So I said "yeah." Because it was.

After it came out that he had actually said chilly, and that he had no idea what shitty meant, he told me that he didn't like the fact that dictionaries did not have swear words, because he heard those and didn't know what they meant. So I told him my mom had one with ALL the cusses and that I would look up the title and tell him. But then I forgot. And he asked me about, and I said I would. And I forgot again. He left for another job soon after. Probably because of chumps like me. Or chump.

Anyways! Get to the airport! Where do I go!? I don't know! I haven't flown internationally in like ten years! Do I have to go through customs? Rube!

I didn't have to go through customs. But what is the plane going to look like? Is it going to be nice? Budget? Will it look like one of those trains in India where they are super crowded and people are hanging off the side? Yikes, I feel like that fear may be offensive. And anyways, the plane is so nice! Leg room! Brand new! And for your viewing pleasure? (I put the picture in here but u don't know where it's going to go. I am doing this on my phone.)

Gotta turn off the cell phone before we take off. But it's ok, I brought a book! Something about a cop. And some murder. Crime! I get to page four and there is this line that refers to this woman who "hung" herself. Not hanged. hung. Look. I don't think I am (or at least try not to be) a big snob. If I ever read that in a message somebody wrote to me or what somebody said to me, it's fine. I don't care. But this is something done by...an author. Isn't it the guy's job to know that? And it's reviewed by an editor. Isn't it the editor's job to catch that? And, like, on page four? What is the rest of this book going p be like? "So I go to her..." "So she goes to me..."

I abandoned it.

The plane brakes (I guess?) made a weird on and off sound as the plane was slowing down after landing. I thought for a second that a dog was chasing the plane and barking as it went down the runway. I am a bad person.

San Salvador airport. Nice! Had a little layover so went the the restaurant and had a local beer! It was not good! Picture below! Or somewhere!

Flight two!

The plane not as new or nice. But fine! They fed us! I thought it was some local cuisine, from the package. Adventurous! It was a ham sandwich. But it did have peppers on it!

The a/c in the plane was misting as it came out. Humid! Or getting gassed! But I still feel ok, so I think it was humidity! And in the safety demonstration, the flight attendants actually put on the life vests. Which was a little disconcerting. But it was fine! Safe!

Land at San Jose airport. Customs! I watched "Argo" on my first flight so thanks to Ben Affleck, I know exactly how to act when going through customs: super super serious. Doesn't set off the alarm bells at all! Thanks Ben!

Get through customs. See two young couples with their surfboards going through. Damn hippies. So carefree. (Can I come with you guys?)

Then a 60 mile van ride to Los Suenos! So nice! Yikes! When do they find out I am not worthy and kick me out!?

Ok! That was day 1! JJ out!

Tune in tomorrow!

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