Monday, 21 November 2011


If there's one thing Toronto's got lots of, its raccoons.  Raccoons here.  Raccoons there. Raccoons everywhere.  Our last place...every night, green bin overturned, foodstuffs all over the place.  Internet, you might not have seen the green bins TO provides you with to put your organic waste in.  About two feet high with a locking (sorta) metal handle on it.  This locking mechanism thing is child's play to a raccoon.  You can put bungee cords on if you want, after which the raccoons are happy to bust the lid for you. 

And, if you don't like it, you are absolutely not allowed to "deal" with raccoons on your own.  If you know what I mean.  TO is a humane type town.  Just ask this guy!  Relatively sure in Winnipeg it would be legal to throw one in a wood chipper if you wanted.  No no, I am sure that is not legal.  But I think you can kill it if its in your house ("It's comin right for us!")

So we moved to our new place.  And....nothing is trying to get into our green bin.  I know them raccoons are out there.  Their paw prints (and, from the smell, I am pretty sure worse) are all over the inside of my shed.  ("Boys! Keep outta that GD shed!" Parenting!) Which is great!  Right? 

But, to be honest, I just can't help feeling a little bit resentful. my organic waste not good enough for you, raccoons?  Do we not buy enough organic stuff?  Is it because we buy some stuff at "No Frills" and not "Fiesta Farms"!?!?!? 

Raccoons are such assholes.

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