Thursday, 10 November 2011


Internet, you know what burns ole JJ's britches?

And no it's not animated sheep.  Love those! Especially Wallace and Grommett type animated sheep!

Its being treated like one.  Schneiders Country Naturals.   It helps my family experience food "the way its supposed to taste".  As opposed to those other companies that give you meat the way its not supposed to taste.  Like...Schneiders...  Like what could be more fucking disingenuous than, as an advertising technique, implicitly dissing a certain number of your own company's products look bad so that the featured product looks good.  And not in a way that is "oh, we used to do that, but now we do this" way.  If I want the nitrites and sodium whatchamacallits, I can just go six inches to the left of the "Country Naturals" in my local "No Frills" (Ontario only - terrible store - typically the cashiers serve you in between texting their friends. I wish I was exagerrating) and there they still are.  And not that I even particularly care whether their meat has unpronouncable chemicals in them or not.  I mean, what am I, a chemist!?  Its the disingenuousness of it.  And the suggestion that we, as the general public, are so gullible.

And I don't want to single out Schneider's.   These phone companies.  Gaak.  "Fido"?  "Koodo"?  "We're these small phone companies looking to get you a deal, unlike those big phone companies!"  Except that we're owned by Rogers and Telus, respectively.  While Canadians continue to pay phone bills that astound (astound! I shit you not! ASTOUUUUUND!) people from the US or Europe. 

But I guess it works. Otherwise they wouldn't do it.  So, you know...baaaahhh.....

                         Get it?  She's about to bop him with a leg of lamb...a baby's a metaphor

JJ out!  Gotta make a call on my Rogers phone!


  1. Or, the "organic" companies that just pay a fee to the unregulated "Certified Organic Council" and then pump you full of breast cancer causing chemicals. Mind your breasts, JJ, mind your breasts.

  2. That is a great and depressing point sands! Thank you! And as for minding my breasts? Oh, I do!