Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Costa Rica - Part IV - Croc Tour!

Los Suenos mi amigos!

Pura vida!  As you can tell from my no longer oddly sized/placed photo, JJ is now reunited with his laptop in good ole' Canada.  But he isn't done describing Costa Rica! No sir!

Up there is a pic of the modest villa where we stayed.

Know what they have in Costa Rica? Crocodiles.  And you can go on a boat tour to see 'em  ! Let's go!

A van picks us up from the hotel. Six-ish year old kid in the passenger seat.  No explanation.  It's cool.  we drive for 20 minutes or so. Stop outside the Costa Rican equivalent of a variety store. Kid gets out.  We start driving again.  Cool.  My tour mate asks "is that your son?"

"Yes".  Ok.  Man of few words. He didn't seem like a dick or anything.  Just not chatty.

And here we are!  Who has to pee before we go?

Cool urinal, bro.

Then into the boat, and we're off!  Our tour guide is a very nice young fellow.  He points out the animals on the shore.  An iguana! A basilisk!  How does he make sure we see the animals (which there is a 90% chance I wouldn't)? He uses a green laser pointer.  Cruising down croc river with a green laser pointer.  Man, I did not see that coming.   

Now! Where them crocs?

These them?

 Nope.  Just lifejackets and a tourist.

These them?

Nope.  Just some cows wading in the river that has 17 foot crocs in it.  No big whoop.  Does the farmer who owns these cows have croc insurance? I dunno! Hope so!

Hmmm...where could they be...?


I'm a croc! If I wanna lie here with my mouth open, that's what I am gonna do!

Then we motor to this embankment and ground the boat.  The driver hops up, rolls up his pant legs, then reaches into a cooler and pulls out some raw chicken pieces.  Then...he does this:

Yikes!  Am I right?  And true, you could probably find lots of videos of croc feeding on YouTube, but no other ones with JJ's witty editorial commentary! For example: "...holy crap...(nervous laughter)..." Brilliant!

Then we tool around some more... and then feed another croc! (not me of course...our intrepid boat driver).  This one is like 17 feet long we are told.  Apparently National Geographic measured him last year.  

This guy didn't seem as hungry.  It's possible that we were the 25th boat or more that stopped and gave him some chicken that day.  Dunno. But whatever, what a monster!

We zoom around some more, then back to shore.  Into our man of few word's van (this time... no kid) and back to the hotel!

JJ out! Next time...Zip lining through the Jungle!

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