Thursday, 11 April 2013

Costa Rica - Part III!

Pura Vida!

Day two!

Busy all morning. Got responsibilities.

But afternoon free. Monkeys! Gimme!

Talk to a woman about where I can go to see monkeys. She says "go here!" "At 6 in the morning!" It's afternoon now, but ...maybe?

So I get my running gear and head out! Go down this road by a golf course. It starts to go up. And up. And up. And it's so hot. And humid. And monkeyless.

So keep going. See nobody. No cars. No folks. (No monkeys!). Until the road ends. At a gate. And a private property sign. And a dog bowl. And a dog house. And a leash staked to the ground. With nothing attached. Ahh! Wild dog on the loose! In the middle of nowhere!

But beautiful view! Right?

Then run back to hotel and eat and drink and stuff.

JJ out!

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