Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Costa Rica - Part II!

Day one!

Get up and go for a run! Along the beach. Nice. Hot. Humid. I walk across stones to island. Figure I will climb to the top. No path. I struggle through the brush for a while. Lots of thorns. Owie. Hurty. Fuck it. That's high enough. Went back down. But here's a pic from the majestic peak! Which was no where near the majestic peak!

Plus: Lizards! So many! This guy was on my deck chair. So I killed it. And then are it. No I didn't! I just said "cool lizard bro".
Because I am cool.

But no monkeys. Just so you know, I have vowed (solemnly even) that I will see a monkey on this trip. And I intend to keep that vow! By the seven! Or the weirwood! Right? Winter is coming! Right? Right.

And then I went to the hotel bar and drank some all inclusive beers and ate some all inclusive food. Magical!

Pura vida! (That's what the Costa Ricans say!)

JJ out!

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