Sunday, 2 October 2011

Don't give up on Hossy just yet!

Howdy guys.  Jim Anchower rapping at ya.  Just kidding. Blast from the past!  I miss ole' Jimmy.

Anyhoo, been a pretty busy last couple of days.  Just moved to a new pad!.  And it's inner city Toronto so you know the price was reasonable!  And the best part was the separate land transfer tax that TO is nice enough to charge, on top of the provincial one. 

Got some good pics of the new joint.  Gonna do an entry tomorrow on it (teaser!). But been too busy unpacking, by which I mean I have been punishing those damn green pigs that stole my eggs.

Before we moved, I called my good friends over at Rogers to tell them we were moving.  I also asked whether, since our one year contract was up, they could do a little somethin' somethin' for me.  Oh yeah, we can give you HD and as many tvs as I want in my house, for $11 less than what I was currently paying.  Now, am I supposed to be happy at this, or infuriated that they didn't do it automatically?  (The answer is b. infuriated...ok maybe not "supposed to be", but I was).

Honestly, I know, Internet, that you do not live in TO, so I am gonna tell you what the Rogers buildings look like. First, they are more of a compound than a group of buildings.  It is on Ted Rogers Way.  You know what kind of Juice you need to have a "way" named after you in downtown TO?  Neither do I, but I am sure it's a shit-ton.  Second, the main building looks almost like a castle, where us serfs can come and genuflect to the king.  On a clear day, you can see the executives looking out and laughing at us while we pay our "service access fees".  It's quite disturbing really.

My son goes to the same school as the son of Master T.  It's kind of jarring to see the guy (Master T, that is, not his son), even after like 10 times.  But the thing is that you, Internet, probably have no idea who Master T is.  So it's kind of doubly bizarre, in that there is this person who used to have some level of fame and that I still recognize, but that I can't comment on with anyone else, because they all say "who? You mean Sook Yin Lee?".  But, since you are asking, Internet, Master T was a vee jay on Much back in the day and hosted something called "extendamix". 

So in conclusion, I say this: Kirk Gibson is the Arizona Diamondback's Manager!? Dang.

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