Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Moving in! Photo Gallery!

Well, we are all moved in to the new house.  Was just thinking that you, Internet, as my new BFF, would like to see a few pics.  Well, happy to oblige!

Here we go!

Stairs!  There was carpet here.  It smelled of "eau de wet dog".  It is gone.  Luckily, there were only about 2,000 staples holding it to the stairs.

The upstairs hallway!  My eldest spent most of the weekend riding up and down this hallway on his Big Wheel, repeating the word "redrum" over and over. But, you know, no big whoop, The way I figure it, kids adapt to new places in different ways.

Luxury!  Hot wings, meet your nemesis! Although did have a couple of tense moments with the boys, as they pursed their lips above this contraption, excited to try the new water fountain. "Noooooooo!",  I think may have been my exact words.

                                     Woof! Woof!  Alls I know is that that puppy is not going anywhere!

This...this...is coming down.  But, no worries, we can always put up again if we catch somebody rustling some of our cattle. 
The shed in the background...our home inspector opens the door...sniffs...and says..."vermin. Vermin have been in here...."  So anways, I think that's coming down.  But the wife found a family of kittens behind there!  She then killed the entire family with a pellet gun while making the boys watch, just to imprint on them the harshness of life.  By which I mean to say that she bought a bunch of cat food and put it ouside with a bowl of milk and a bunch of blankets.

The toilet!  Ok, ok, that's not my place, it's actually the Toad in Winnipeg.  But what guy doesn't love the trough toilet?  So communal!  "How are you tonight, sir?" "I am very well, thank you!"  Takes one right back to the days of the Winnipeg Arena!

The....facade.... and no, you can't have any of my satellite dishes.  I need them all. All. Of. Them. 


  1. Nice place! I suggest adding the pink cakes to the bidet... Only problem would be that your kids might try to eat the cake in the fountain!

  2. I admit they are nice pictures of stairs, hallway and bidet how about a picture of an actual room!