Tuesday, 27 September 2011

BB Tragedy

It looks sorta like this...but probably worse...I would take a picture, but my blackberry is my camera!

So, last Sunday I went for a loong run.  Got a marathon coming up, actually.  Had a training schedule.  That went out the window after about two weeks.  Anyhoo.... run was going great, felt good...then about k 26...legs leaden...stumble over a curb...drop my bb.  I know, I know, why are you carrying your bb?  I am just used to having it, I guess.  Dumb I know.  Plus its heavy and big, so I can put it in shorts pocket and have to carry it.  Usually I carry in case but this time I forgot case and figured, "ah, no big deal..."

So I drop it, right on its face and it's just lying there....And I know it's not good.  3 months old.  Pick it up....face....shattered.

You, Internet, may be saying, "oh, that's bad luck!".  But At this point I think one has to accept that maybe there is more going on here.  My first bb, the curve, back in Winnipeg.  I am distracted, because the firm "retreat"  (Gimli!) is the next day and I have to make sure I have brought everything I need as I am working on a file.  So...I am leaving and run across Main street      to catch my bus home.  I look back and I see something on the road.  "Is that a blackberry?" I says to myself.  "That's weird." I figure I better check my back pack for my blackberry "just in case".  Pocket I keep blackberry in unzipped...feel inside frantically...nothing.  It's ok, though, I will just run out and get it...cars coming, one drives right over it.  

I run out to get it, cradling it in my arms...it looks fine, in the case (there were actual tread marks on the case.  I can laugh about that now...sorta).   I pull it out of the case and it looks ok ("it's still good, it's still good...") The face is just a little cracked (It's still good, it's still good...") Try to turn it on...nothing ("It's gone, dad." "I know.")

So I bought a blackberry pearl as a replacement.  The pearl does not have a full key board but it is supposed to "learn" from what you are frequently typing so that the full key board is not necessary.  That is bull shit.  I was sending lots of emails to somebody named Lincoln at the time.  Linc for short.  Every single time..."Lunc".  "Hey Lunc,..." I had to get another one before I threw it out the window.  Ironically, I still have the pearl and it's in fine shape.

So...bottom line, don't lend me your smartphone.   Unless I ask really nicely. Plus this post was kinda aimless. Sorry.

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