Friday, 14 October 2011

Why ain't JJ posting!?!?


My greatest fear!  That I would start this stupid thing and immedately fall off doing it.  But it's not entirely my fault.  I signed on to be the treasurer of my son's playschool.  And by treasurer, apparently I mean bookkeeper.  Paying employees? Me.  Submitting source deductions? Me. Tracking the Fees?  Me.

You know what it's getting me looking like?

I am talking about the worm. Although I do have a big nose....

I do kinda have zealot eyes though, no doubt.  I gotta watch it in pictures.  Tone it down.  If I don't chill I look like wormy.

See! Look at those eyes!

The only thing missing is a bear and a rabbit.

I tried to find a picture of a zealot online but all I got was this:

Dead ringer! Last time I played Starcraft I assure you the Zealots looked nothing like this.  And I loaded the game on a tape drive. But I did love the Archons.  An Archon frying a Zerg....exquisite.

I have asked other people about how my eyes look in pictures.  But they all say that they look fine.  And then sign all their assets over to me.  And join me in my compund. 

And calling myself my old yahoo email signature of "hossadog"  but calling the blog "Operation JJ".  This might have been a n error in judgment.  But I am not giving up the blog title.  I love it.  Sounds like a heist movie.  "Could be a heist!" (Bill Needle!)

But do I change my "handle" to JJ?  I mean just two letters?  Too short, right?  It's a poser.  A real poser. Gotta cogitate on this one.


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