Friday, 23 December 2011


Reading statistics is so much fun!  Just look at this gal!

Inty, It's been a while.  I know that.  You have probably been craving a JJ post.  I get that.  I am very entertaining, after all.  But hey, its the holiday season!  Lots going on! Ho! Ho! Ho! And whatnot!

But I have been feeling bad.  And I will tell you what is funny.  Ole Blogger allows keeps stats for you. So if lots of people are looking at Operation JJ, I can see that.  And if no one is looking, I can see that too.  Well, JJ isn't too interested in that kinda stuff.  I mean he (I?) writes for the art man! So he only checks his hits, like, 20 times a day.  Is that really funny?  Maybe not.

But, the worst thing is that the little charty thing it gives you downgrades when less people are reading.  It's like, OK! I get it!   Watching "2 and 1/2 Men" is much more interesting than reading the high art that is my blog!  (Shazam! Passive aggressive dis! Oh yeah! Plus Charlie Sheen!)

Which brings to mind...Inty, have you ever cruised through the "Blogger" blogs?

If I don't mind saying so, some patterns emerge.  Women.  Married with kids.  They like to blog.  Especially if they religious.  I was going to link to one, but of course now I can't find one.  I might just be bonkers.

But I saw one that disturbed ole' JJ.  Why?  Because it was fucking good.  And it was almost like I wrote it (Hence why I thought it was fucking good! Duh!) But the dude has laid off the blogging.  Why?  Did he get tired of it? And what does the guy do?  It's unclear.  Could be a sales rep at "The Source".  Could be a greeter at "Wal-mart".  I just dunno.

And what is Oh Pepper thinking these days?  Is he thinking that it was all a waste? For naught? I dunno.  Is that my future?  A picture of me dressed as Mario?

I guess we will see. But it's still fun.  Dagnabit.

So, in conclusion, I would just say that there is a long post regarding JJ's summer "vacation" coming, and that Blogger is telling me that "naught" is not (naught?) a word.  So I guess I need to buy it a dictionary. Because it's a word.

(Throws guitar down and walks off stage)

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