Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Name Is.....

Hello Internet!  How the heck are you?

So, a friend of ole' JJ's says to him, he says "oh, I am on Facebook, we should be FB friends." But the dude is of the "secretive type" and doesn't go by his real name on FB.

So I am like "oh, so what's your alias?" Thinking that its going to be something, at best, so so.  I mean who is he...JJ? You know what I mean? (You know what I mean, "that JJ, he's so funny!")

So what's the alias?  Oh, he says...look up "Vic Zhivago".

Are you freaking kidding me?  "Vic Zhivago"? I have ever heard.

"Zhivago! We need you."
"I'm retired.  What do you need me for?"
"Because you're the best..."


"Do you expect me to talk?"
"No, Zhivago, I expect you to die..."

"The name is Zhivago...Vic Zhivago..."

"My name is my name!" (His name being Vic Zhivago, of course.)

So anyhoo, I told my friend,  if JJ ever writes an action movie screenplay (could happen! I mean, who knows what the future holds!) the protagonist's name?  That's right: "JJ".  No no, of course I mean "Vic Zhivago"! I mean, with a name like that? It writes itself!

Thanks for keeping it real, Internet! It's people (servers?) like you who keep us all turned on.

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