Saturday, 24 December 2011


Nonplussed hot dog!

Well, Internet, I was at Ikea a couple of weeks back.  Well, you know how they have different names for all their products. But like Swedish names, right?  For all I know "Hogbo" could mean "tool to exploit hyper capitalist western society for the greater glory of Sweden!" And yes it would take two seconds to look up on,, but really, who gives a shit?

But they have some more conventional names as well.  And what do I see?  Heavens to Murgatroyd! JJ's name on a product! And what a product! Behold:

A ten dollar, piece of shit, metal and plastic folding chair.  Really!?  Really!? Don't they understand how awesome Jeffs are?  Or is this yet another example of "The Man" just trying to keep us Jeffs down?

Like what about a fold-out couch maybe!? I would be cool with that! Or maybe a wooden bed-frame? I would have preferred even a vase or some shit! But a chair I don't think my elementary school (Linwood!) would have made me sit in? 

I'm thinking of picketing outside the store.  That should get results.


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