Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Ottawa! Suburbs!

You're under arrest.

So a couple of weeks ago the fam and I headed to the nation's capital.  Besides attending Doc Zhivago's going away party, we also headed to Barhaven, a suburb of Ottawa, to hang out with an old friend of the wife's, her husband and their kids.  (Quick side note: their last name is Heffernan.  We were over at their place in Winnipeg a few years ago, while we were both living there.  I called her husband "Doug".  Which is not his name.  But does happen to be the name of the main character on "The King of Queens".  Doh. I wondered at the time why he looked at me quizically. If you ever read this, Rob...Sorry, man.)

Anyhoo, they invite another couple over.  The husband is an RCMP fella.  Very nice guy.  Didn't try to pepper spray us once!  Just kidding.  Just a little leftist humour there.  He was really nice.  Pretty boring job, though.  He teaches other officers how to fight terrorists. 

Anyhoo (again with the anyhoo! which reminds me, a partner was reviewing something I wrote the other day and said something I wrote was a bit "colloquial"! So I said "what?, it's not like said "ain't"! Or that's what I would have said if I had had any idea of what colloquial meant at the time - "informal!")

The point of my story.  So I say: "did you know any of those poor Mounties that were killed in Mayerthorpe?"

"I knew one....but I was stationed there when I started.  And I knew murderer guy.  He was one bad dude.  His brother charged him with something.  In the court room he attacked his brother so I had to choke him out in my red serge."

So I was like "I totally know what that's like.  The other day I was searching through this document to make sure I had covered all the defined terms...." 

Ok, I didn't really say that. But I might have if I had thought of it then instead of a couple of hours later.  Duh.

Later the bad guy bear sprayed his brother in a bar in front of the whole town.  No witnesses. 

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