Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Guest Blogger: Gabriel! - How I like my new school!

Well, JJ's talked about the trials and tribulations of navigating the school system with his favourite eight year old here, here and here, where it ended with us switching to a new school and a special class designed for kids with Asperger's and autism.  Thought maybe an update was in order.  But why should I tell you about it when you can hear it from the horse's mouth, so to speak!  So, without further adieu, please welcome guest blogger...Gabriel!

Hi! I like the city in this picture, I have no idea why though.  It's true, even though its in the United States and I'm in Canada.

My School is Kensington.  It's a really good school because you learn a lot in there.  I am very happy to go there.  I had lots of friends at Humewood but I am learning better at Kensington.  My favourite thing about Kensington is that we get free choice.  That's when you play.  It's like free time.  What else do I like? Mostly everything.  And swimming's really good too. (Editor's note: the school has a pool! I know, right?  They go swimming twice a week!) 

Lookit! I'm a sock puppet.  (Editor's note: Sorry, we got distracted. Looks like that's it.)

GJ (and JJ) out!!


  1. All this and a pool!!! What a great post! My kids think you are so lucky Gabriel (their school doesn't even have a lunch room). We all look forward to hearing your future reviews of your teachers.

  2. Gabriel says: "their school doesn't even have a lunch room? That's weird and freaky!"

  3. Hi Gabriel - not sure if you and your dad are still blogging here but I am curious to know how your school is going now that its been a couple years? I have a son who just finished SK at a small private school and I am curious to know more about TDSB and how they support smart kids like you who learn a bit differently than other children.