Sunday, 1 January 2012

Bonus Post! How I Spent my Summer Vacation: The Kia Parts!


A couple of other awesome things happened during the summer "vacation".  The car above is ours.  Well, it's the same kind, colour and year, anyways.  This one looks a lot better than ours does.  Why is that? Two reasons.

As I pointed out in my last post, while in Winnipeg this summer, we stayed at the mother-in-law's.  The place has an undergroud parking garage where we parked while we there.  I had to go to work a couple of the days right after we arrived and one of these days Janelle and the boys came to pick me up.  I hop in the car.  But the wife is acting kinda weird.  "Is everything ok?" I ask.


Luckily for me, Tattle-Dum and Tattle-Dee are sitting in the back seat.  "Daaad, Mommy crashed the car!"

"Hon?" I say...

Yes, turns out  one of the cement pillars in the unfamiliar parking garage had jumped out at the last second and scraped the side of the car. 

Which sucks major ass.

"It's ok, hon," the magnanimous JJ says. "could have happened to anyone.."  Foreshadowing!

Smash cut to JJ off to Arborg with newly installed donut.  Hearing this faint weird noise.  "Tink-bonk.  Tink-tink-bonk. Tink-bonk."

What could it be?  Well, probably has something to do with the gravel road.  Probably nothing.  Pull on to the highway, and it's more noticable now.  Stop beside the highway in the dark.  Walk around the car.  What's there?

Well, to tell you that, I gotta tell you this:

The spare tire on the Kia is beneath the car.  There is a cable with a metal stopper thingy on the end.  To get the donut, you let the cable out.  Then turn the stopper thingy and the donut comes off.  Then you just retract the cable.  Easy peasy.  But take JJ's advice, don't forget to retract the cable. 

Yes, I had forgotten to retract the cable.  The metal stopper thingy had been dragging on the ground, ricocheting up and smashing into my rear bumper.  Over and over again.  The damage?  The bumper is sort of ok, but looks like it has been repeatedly bitten by a squirrel. 

Which sucks major ass. 

So that's the story of the Kia's summer vacation.

Vroom! Vroom!

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