Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sure, Hossy, you've started a blog......but why?

That's a good question!  Incisive! Easy Barbara (that's Barbara Walters for any young 'uns reading - I am extermely old), don't make me break just yet!

Well, I would say I started this blog (do the kids today even still call these that? Dang kids, with their changing terminology) for two reasons:

One, because I am a massive fan of typing something totally self indulgent and then saying "this person knows what I am talking about".  I cannot get enough of reading it and now its my turn to write it!

Two, I am just feeling stifled these days.  I know, I know, the question you are not asking is "But Hossy, are you saying that the world of lawyerin' in a Bay street high rise can feel stifling? How can that be?"

I know, I know, but there you go.  And, full disclosure, as any gig has ups and downs, I would describe present work situation as in the "nadirous" stage.  No that is not a real word.  

So I feel like I need something to soothe this itch.  And as I am not interested in learning how to salsa dance or some such, I turn to you, internet, as salve for my.....whatever it would be.  And I take heart that, if nothing else, yes, at least this girl knows what I am talking about.  

Was that cheesy?  That was prob cheesy.  Sorry.  New at this.  Was Hemingway's first blog post a work of art!?  Yes, exactly.  That's what I thought.

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  1. I'm on post 3 of your blogs thus far and I sense a recurring theme.... is this your first time blogging?

    Also, I think it would have been funny if you didn't clarify that nadirous was fake. Being ever the auditor, I still checked and I can confirm to your followers that it really is fake... so I guess the joke is on me (1) for checking and (2) for being one of two followers who would require confirmation. Damn you're good. I do plan on including it in my daily verbage and if it catches on, it'll make it into webster. I'm trying to define Nadirous in a witty way, whereby eluding how a lawyer can really call himself a lawyer when he works in an accounting firm... but the coffee is wearing off.