Saturday, 26 October 2013

I'm Back, Baby!


OMG! It's been so long since I have posted!  Right?  Changes undocumented!  Feelings lost in the ether! So what to write about?  Well, how about....Rainbow Stage?  You know, Rainbow Stage:

What the frick?

No! That's a Rainbow Stag Beetle!  I don't wanna talk about that!  What do I know from beetles?  I am not an endocrinologist! Rainbow Stage!:

Trippy ceiling thingy, right!?

The jewel of Winnipeg's North End!  Maybe.  Does anyone call it that? I feel like maybe somebody has called it that? Somebody has for sure called it that.  I have no idea if anyone has ever called it that.

Anyways... what do I have to say about Rainbow Stage? Do I want to talk about the time my sister was working there and while still living at home?  And then took the family station wagon to work one day and when she was pulling out of Kildonan Park...? T-boned! Bye-bye maroon station wagon!

Nope!  I'm talking about the only time I saw one of them musicals that they play at Rainbow Stage!  I was a teenager.  My sister was, as I mentioned, working there.  What did she do? Stage design?  Prop buyer?  I don't remember.  But it was something arty.

Who did I go with?  My parents!

What was the play?  "Sweet Charity"!

What do I remember from it?  Pretty much nothing.  Some girl takes a bus to town.  Sings.  Other people sing.  Something like that.  Musicals aren't really my thing.

So why am I bringing it up?  For what happened after the play was over.  THAT I remember.

Now, to set the scene, I gotta talk about two things.  The first?  This movie:

Anthony Edwards! Goes to Europe.  Now, I don't remember much more about this movie than I do about the musical.  But I do remember the signature line from it.  His buddy in the movie gives him advice about how to hook up with ladies.  The line he suggests?  "I would kill or die to make love to you."  What a line!  Zing!

The second thing?  This guy:

It's former Premier of Manitoba, Gary Filmon! Who happened to be at the show.  Down in the front row!  While he was Premier! With the rest of his family!  Or at least some of his family.  By which I mean his daughters.

The show ends.  Lights come on.  Standing there beside my parents.  I espy the daughters.  One of the daughters.  Purty! Ogling her!  What do I do, cool guy that I am?  While ogling her from afar I start saying…yes…"I would kill or die to make love to you".

As I am saying it, she looks up. Sees me looking at here.  Mouthing words.  Standing beside my parents. Super creep.  Surprised I didn't get a visit from the police the next day.

The point of the story is that I was a pretty cool teenager.


After I graduated law school, I almost articled at the firm where my "oglee's" brother ended up a partner.  Too bad.  We could have sat in the lawyer's lounge and I could have told him the story.  Then we could have had a good laugh.  As lawyers are wont to do.  But it was not to be.  And I never would have told him that story.


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