Tuesday, 22 January 2013

An Odd Occurrence

Hey! Internet! How the heck are you!?  Gosh! I hope your holidays were good!  It's a great time of the year.  So much family! Can't get enough!  But I ain't got time for that! (you probably aren’t going to click on that link, which I totally dig, but I am telling you, you are fucking missing out if you don't.

What do I want to talk about?  Well, I’ll tell you!  You might be wondering whether it has anything to do with the picture of the PM up there.  Or if maybe I just love the dude!  And maybe I do! Who’s to say?  JJ has recently started working for the feds (I’m gonna talk about that in a later post, so stop clamoring to hear about it already!), and that means is that he can’t do no talking about the PM good or bad! Out of bounds! Note how I chose a neutral pic of the guy.

I’m talking about December 21.  2012.  JJ is at the Ottawa airport.  Waiting for a flight.  Came to the airport early to try and catch an earlier flight.  Did, but still stuck there for a couple of hours.  So what to do?  Well, why not sidle up to the bar and have a beer?  Why not indeed! D'arcy McGee's! Airport Location!  For those of you who don't know, D'arcy McGee is an important figure in Canadian history.  He blah blah blah'ed, then he blah blah blah'ed.  Who cares, right?  You can Alta Vista or Yahoo him later.  You guys wanna hear JJ's story!

JJ! At the bar!  Just like Norm! Or Frazier!  Right!?  Witticisms!  

Strikes up a conversation with a young lady beside him.  She's going home for the holidays.  Alberta.  What does she do in Ottawa?  Works for an MP.  An NDP MP.  Ha ha, just kidding, of course a Conservative MP.  Which is fine! And she isn't just in it for the experience.  She's a believer.  Which is fine too!  We should all be so lucky to have such conviction and certainty!  (Which maybe I do!  Who's to say!?)

She has a book.  What is she reading? I can't remember.  It's not important.  Nothing that made an impression.  Why? Because she shows me her leather bookmark with a little window where you can insert a photo.  Into which a photo has indeed been inserted.  Is it a photo of her family member?  Nope.  The MP she works for?  Nope.  The PM?  Nope.  It's this dude.

Reagan.  Not that I feel really qualified to judge, but nevertheless, not in the top 10 of my favourite presidents.  Trickle down economics.  Starve the "beast", in order to gut social programs.  I feel like he is maybe revered in the US a little too much, and his legacy is maybe very much aided by the fall of the communist governments while he was president, yet which, as far as I can tell, happened independent of anything he ever did as president.  But whatever!  I am no historitician, what do I know?!  It's fine!  

But still!  The point is - Pretty fucking random, right?  Reagan? Really?  I mean, she probably wasn't born when he was president. And a president rather than some Canadian conservative guy? (Preston Manning!)  Or academic? And is he really the best example of a conservative president? I mean, maybe, but the US have had a lot of presidents...

She leaves to catch her flight.  I turn to the young fella next to me, and I say "She had a Ronald Reagan bookmark, can you believe it?"  He looks at me, reaches for his Blackberry then shows me his wallpaper.  Not a word of a lie - it's a picture of this guy:

I order another beer.

JJ Out!

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