Monday, 1 October 2012


Well hello Inty!  See that picture?  Know who those guys are?  Yep, it's Judas Priest.  Big in the 80's.  "Screaming for Vengeance"!  The big album!  My brother had it.  On vinyl!  I listened the heck out of that album!  Loved it!  Listened to a couple of the songs the other day....eeeehhhh, not sure it holds up that well.  When they say they are "screaming" for vengeance, they ain't kidding.  Too much for these old ears.

The lead singer of Judas Priest.  Rob Halford.  In 1998, he came out.  As in, he said "yep, I'm gay" (I'm paraphrasing).  Which is awesome.  Glad he did it!  Progress!  But is kind of funny too.  Why is it funny?  Well, I'll tell you.

The first reason it's funny is because I already knew, sorta.  My brother had a friend in the 80's who worked at the arena in Winnipeg during shows, and JP had rolled through.  Apparently this dude had overheard Halford ask some dude if he wanted to "go back to his hotel room and party".  Which really doesn't seem like that big an indicator?  But maybe it was the way he said it?  I dunno.  But this is what he told my bro, and that's what my bro told me (grapevine!).  Later that week, I am in class and I am all like "guess what I heard!?"  I says my peace.  Turn forward in my seat.  This girl in my class comes up behind me and whops me on the back of the head!  For suggesting he was gay!  Well, to her I say "Ha!  Told ya!  In your face!"

And! It's funny to me thinking back that anyone would think he wasn't gay. "He can't be gay, he dresses all in leather! No gay dudes wear leather!" Right?  That's funny, right?

Meh, this post is running out of steam, quick

That's all I got.  JJ out!

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