Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Negative Development

Well, got some bad news.  Last week me and a number of other folks were relieved of our positions at the ole' place of employment.  Times are tough in TO, economy-wise.

Wasn't sure how to deal with this info in respect of my little blog-io.  Not looking for sympathy.  And can't really talk about details.  But I wanted to put it in here.  Because obviously it's going to feed into everything that's going on in my life.  And to ignore would be dishonest. 

Which is not to say that I am also not hyper-aware of this becoming "JJ's job search blog!"  I don't want that.  Particularly because of the fact that I am writing in real time, not coming back after there has been some sort of redemptive conclusion.  It may drag on.  And there may be no happy ending.  Which is not to say that I am not hopeful and confident. I am.  But I am a realist.  "Things always work out for the best"  and related sayings are bullshit. Stuff doesn't work out for people all the time.  

My dad was a middle manager at Great West Life when, in the "lets get leaner" 90's, he was shown the early-retirement door.  He tried to get a job.  Set up my sister's old room as his office.  Sent out lots of resumes.  Job search machine.  After a long, search, he got one.  Part-time at the help desk in a building supply store. 

So...if things don't go rosily, I don't want my blog to just be some sort of documentation of rising desperation as my hopefulness and confidence bleeds away.  Ugh.  That's not bringing the yuks! Plus what about the Gabe and E-man!?  I can't ignore those dudes!

I once went to a short  film festival in Winnipeg.  My friend Chris was in one of the short films they showed. 
They also showed a Guy Maddin film where there was some dude banging a fish against a tree.  One of the others was about this author who is trying to get his arty book published.  This publisher guy says to him something along the lines of "that's the thing about sad stories...everybody wants to write one...nobody wants to read one..." I still think that's brilliant.

Anyways, I guess gonna see how things go.  If ultimately things DO go badly, and this becomes exactly what I fear, you can stop reading. Now JJ will understand.  Although I suppose that I can't promise that future bitter and broken JJ may not be a dick about it. 

JJ out.


  1. Hey Cous Sorry to hear about your news! I too was laid off when I was an editor at a mag in Toronto--it sucked -- really fucking sucked- i remember walking out of the office with all my stuff in a garbage bag- really uplifting! But at least that is what got my travel writing career started- I won't give you any platitudes- being laid-off sucks.You're a smart guy with a good sense of humor and who likes running merely for the sake of torture--with those qualifications, surely there has got to be a job out there for you somewhere! Good luck!

  2. Sorry to hear this news. Sometimes, life sucks. Sometimes, when one door closes, another opens. Ever thought of starting your own business?

    1. Thanks Roy! Appreciated! Dunno about entrepreneurship for me, though. I guess we will see!